Request Books

To receive books from Books to Prisoners, inmates may send a letter to the following address:

Books to Prisoners
c/o Left Bank Books
92 Pike Street, Box A
Seattle, WA 98101

Please do not send letters to our Evergreen State College location.

Your letter should contain your legal name and the inmate number assigned to you.  Our library is made up of donated books so we are rarely able to meet highly specific requests. It is easiest for us to meet your needs if you list 5 or 6 genres or subject areas; for example: science fiction, African or African American history, self-help for anxiety, nutrition, mysteries.  Your facility may have regulations which limit the number of books we are able to send, and we ask that you only request books once every 6 months.  Your books may arrive with in a month, but depending on the organization’s available resources the wait may be much longer.  We appreciate your patience and your interest in our services.

Requests must come directly from inmates, not as requests from friends or family.  If you know someone who would like to receive books from Books to Prisoners, please give them the address shown above.

If you, or a loved one who is incarcerated, is in need of specific legal or vocational materials check out the Prison Activist Resource Center’s Prisoner Support Directory, on line.

The Jailhouse Lawyer’s Manual can be printed, downloaded, or ordered for a small donation from the National Lawyers Guild.  If the pages are not stapled or paper clipped it should be possible to send them to an inmate without being a book distributor.