Donate Books

Our library has been built entirely with books donated by community members, and we are always looking to restock and build our library.  However, our shelf space is limited, there are a lot of books that inmates do not request, and prisons put limits on what we can send.  For these reasons we ask that people donate the following highly requested subjects/genres:

  • Dictionaries
  • Role-Playing Games- especially Dugeons & Dragons
  • Spanish Language Books/ Dictionaries
  • How To Books, eg. Electrical Wiring, Carpentry, and Homesteading
  • Westerns
  • How to Draw or Paint
  • Health/Fitness/Nutrition (consider whether on not it would be applicable to an inmate)
  • Occult/Wicca/Paganism
  • Urban Fiction
  • Finance/Small Business/ Stock Market
  • Science Fiction/ Fantasy
  • True Crime
  • Mysteries/ Thrillers
  • African American History, particularly the Black Power Movement
  • Self-Help (consider whether or not it would be applicable to an inmate)
  • Conspiracy Theories
  • Basic Math (no statistics books please)
  • Legal
  • Medical Dictionaries and Anatomy Books

Please do not donate hardcover books.  Many facilities do not accept them and they are expensive to mail.  If you are unsure whether we would want the books you have please send us an email, and we will be happy to let you know.

We have donation bins at Last Word Books in downtown Olympia and at our space in  The Center for Community Based Learning and Action on The Evergreen State College Olympia campus.

If you have books to get rid of that are not of interest to inmates, but you still want to support this project, please consider selling them at Orca Books or at Last Word Books and asking that the credit be applied to the Books to Prisoners account.  We can use this credit to fill holes in our library and meet unusual requests.


One response to “Donate Books

  1. Kevin Prochaska


    I am the author of eight books and I would like to donate a couple (or more) sets to prisons. The books are fiction and shouldn’t be a problem to give to prisoners to read.

    They are:

    A Shot Heard ‘Round – about the antics of the tiny Iowa town of Apology and its unique citizens in the 1960’s

    The Road to Apology – eleven additional short stories about the Iowa town of Apology

    The Christmas Letter – a lonely grandmother reunites with her grandson and reaffirms that her life was rewarding and an inspiration to others

    The Francis Tree – a young boy stumbles into animal heaven and has many hilarious adventures

    Lord of the Rafters – a Mulatto man, uncertain of who he is, undergoes a life changing experience on the eve of committing a crime

    Making Mr. Bamff – a World War II medic, watching helplessly as his wounded patients die around him in spite of his help, goes mad on the German Front

    Billy Gaynor’s Klondike Quest – a boisterous teenage boy gets wind of a gold strike in Alaska in 1897 and heads out to seek his fortune before word gets out. (Three books bound as one)

    The Sorrowful Mysteries – a young student is released from the seminary after tests reveal he is autistic and is incapable of fulfilling the duties of a clergy member. The dismissal sends him searching for a new mission in life.

    Most of these books can be reviewed on Lulu, Barnes&Noble, Amazon, and other booksellers. If you would be interested in receiving some complete sets, kindly let me know how many and where I could send them. I think your inmates would enjoy reading these works.

    Thank you,
    Kevin Prochaska
    Kennesaw, Ga

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